Video Games, Apps & Gambling Translation

One does not need to be a gamer nor the gambler to enjoy casino slots and video games, such as Megaways™ or Mario Kart—It can be fun. I have been a gamer for more than 20 years. Therefore, I know the slang, geek-talk, and get gaming references while others are left speechless, staring into the void of emptiness.

However, gaming translation is completely another world among translation fields. It requires a lot of imagination, research, and even word coining. It needs to be localised. That is especially true for smaller and less common language combinations — e.g. Slovenian gaming lingo is underdeveloped due to the language size (only a bit over 2 million speakers worldwide). But that does not stop some of us [proud gaming translators] delivering the translations of a few well-known titles so the audience and fans can enjoy them in their own native tongue.

Do you need to localise your game content? Get in touch. I will be on it like Mario on Yoshi! 👨🏻🦎