Multimedia & Media Translation

Multimedia has tighter connections with the translation industry than it seems at the first glimpse. A very well translated piece is nothing without good DTP (Desktop Publishing). Luckily, I [Jan Kovačič] have an academic background in multimedia and graphic design, so your final document(s) will look visually appealing as well—I have advanced knowledge working with the most commonly used software like Adobe Suite and Corel.

In the age of information and online advertisement, marketing translation experience is probably one of the most required in the translation sector. That is why translation services market was valued at $39.61 billion in 2019. Translation experts are highly wanted; that is why the demand from 2019 to 2029 is predicted to grow by a whopping 20%.

We will take care of documents such as press releases, promotional/marketing and advertisement material, company-related documents and more.

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